From Jess:

The few days leading up to the wedding was very stressful. I was very lucky to have Kris help with the final details so I could relax a bit. But Sean’s dad and brother came so we went to C-ville which made it very close to a meeting we had at the reception site, and we had to pick up the kneeling benches and make sure all the programs and maps were done and make sure all the checks were done and put in envelopes. Some things you have to do yourself.

The rehearsal was a little awkward because nobody was talking until we finally got started. Dinner was good but I think we could have just ordered the Beef & Broccoli and a veggie dish and been fine. The beef was gone after a few seconds. After dinner, Meghan and I went to the hotel and fell asleep.

Wedding Day!
The day started with breakfast at IHOP with Meghan, Danielle, and Jon. I got chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes. Yummy. They made me extremely full. Then to Bridgewater we went!

We got into Memorial and the basement of Carter so everyone could get ready. We goofed off a bit because we had time to 🙂

Once we were all dolled up we headed to the chapel for pictures which was pretty fun. Then I ran to the back and closed the curtain and sat on the floor until it was time to walk down the aisle. I wasn’t nervous at all which was awesome, but everyone kept asking if I was nervous. It was one of those things I wish people would stop asking.

And then it was time…
The music had been playing for a while for the prelude, but I heard the song we would walk down to. Kris had come back and told us to line up! So, I grabbed dad’s arm and waited for Meghan to start down and listened for the right spot in the music. Good thing it was a short walk because even though I got the dressed hemmed, it was still a little long. But since I had been in the dress I hadn’t had a problem walking. Yeah, until the aisle came. Somehow, the underneath of my dress got stuck on my shoe. I don’t mean I was walking on it, but I think it got stuck in the side of my shoe. I think I played it off okay and nobody noticed. But I was a little nervous going up those two steps, but Sean helped me.

He looked really happy and I was so happy to be there. I have to say though, it seemed like a play. Know your lines, walk at this time, things like that. But it was short and sweet (which I think everyone can appreciate). I think our wedding was beautiful and full of love.

We did some group pictures before we headed to the reception and then I had to awkwardly get into the car to go to BRC. If you look at the pictures, it looks like I’m dragging Sean into the reception. Pretty funny! We had our first dance then I danced with dad while Sean danced with his mom. Then we got to eat! My dad’s BBQ was awesome, seriously awesome. We got so many compliments on it and the cake. Carrie did an awesome job on the cake, so delicious and beautiful!

After the regular food, we got to mingle and see everyone that came to see our wedding! These are special people in our lives. I just wish we could have invited everyone who means something in our lives, but this size was perfect! And with Kris’s help with the sparkling cider and cake, everything was perfectly smooth. (She’s awesome) Then it was cake time and I think I cut the pieces a little too big because I had a mouthful of cake. And neither of us was sure if the other would push it in the other’s face, though we said we wouldn’t. But we were nice and it went nicely in our mouths. And Todd and Meghan gave toasts and they were so nice. Everything was perfect, simply perfect.


Wedding Dress by Ali Black

Click to go to Josh Gooden's Website to view video


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