Valley Fest

Saturday, May 29 we headed up to Massanutten to attend the Beer & Wine Festival. Originally we weren’t going to go up because we had to get a lot of packing done. But we really wanted to get out of the apartment and we are so glad we did!

We were so hungry, the first thing we did was find the Jack Brown’s food trailer! Then we headed back to the wine tasting part of the festival (the beer & wine sections were in different areas). Every vineyard had a pretty long line, but we waited. I (Jessica) did not participate in the tasting unless Sean thought I would actually like it. He knows my tastes pretty well. We did find a couple of vineyards that we would really like to visit sometime to learn more about their wines. I might actually drink some!

It was also quite the social event! We saw a bunch of people we knew. We had such a good time. Then went home and watched FireFly in the A/C!


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