Moving is never easy, and usually not very fun.  We got our key on June 2 and the lease started June 4 (Jessica’s b-day!), we probably moved 3 car-loads over before June 4 so we could get a head start. Both of us took Friday, June 4 off to move in.  And though it seemed we were making good progress, we were still moving things Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  The biggest problem was the lack of boxes.  So, we would move boxes and tubs, unpack them, then put them back in the car.

So much stuff!! It’s insane how much people accumulate.  There are multiple boxes I know will not get unpacked because they are full of things with sentimental value.  Something else we have a lot of (but use!) are kitchen appliances and utencils.  It seemed like we’d have plenty of cabinet space, even thought there was more than we used to have.  But these are narrow and very tall…not good for short people.  But we are making do with what we have.

While still at Copper Beech, we got rid of the last dresser at the last minute.  Literally, a half-hour before we had to turn in keys.  The guy needed it much more that we did, and I’m glad we were able to help.  A lot more will be put on Craigslist to get rid of soon.

Now we are all moved in, but still have a ways to go in unpacking, organizing, and figuring out the layout.  We can’t wait to share our apartment when we get it all ready!


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