Independence Day!

This weekend Jess had a 3-day weekend (which was awesome!)

First, Friday night she went to her friend Emily’s very first Zumba class! It was pretty awesome. Then Emily, Sarah and her went out for smoothies to catch up!

Saturday was the Valley 4th (on the 3rd) celebration! Jess went to help out downtown with lining up the parade and Sean hung around the event taking lots of pictures. He’s getting a lot of practice in! Later that evening he was able to head over to his friend Chris’s place and they were able to  just chill and catch up.

On Sunday the plan was to have some friends over and head over to Spotswood Country Club to see their fireworks.  BUT, that didn’t happen because we left the apartment too late. That’s okay because it was still nice to have friends over for a little bit. And Jess made an awesome devil’s food cake with marshmallow frosting!

Monday was nice and lazy. We slept in, and it happens so infrequently that it was so nice. The only plans were for Jessica to meet up with her friend Jamie for a drink at Starbucks and then head to Jon’s to see his new place!

Nice, fun, relaxing weekend! We would love to do that again 🙂

For more pictures, check out our flickr!


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