When we moved into our new apartment, we decided that we would forego cable for now.  We really didn’t think we’d last very long.  It was hard at first, we’re used to sitting down and turning on Discovery Channel and watching whatever was on, or Travel Channel to watch Bourdain.  We cannot do that now.

What I think we both miss most is the new episodes. As soon as we moved there were new Royal Pains and In Plain Sight. Now there are new Mythbusters and Bourdain’s.  So frustrating! Especially since Discovery does not stream shows online.

However, this past weekend we signed up for a trial of Netflix. The main reason is that with the PS3 we can stream most things straight to the television.  Downside is they only have things that are on DVD (as far as I can tell) and some shows are not streaming, you have to get them on DVD through the mail.  And there are some movies that for some reason aren’t streaming.  BUT, so far it’s been nice.  We’ve begun to watch Heroes and we are getting True Blood in the mail, so I guess it works out pretty well, especially since it’s only $9/month!


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