Ashley & Josh’s Wedding

Today we had the opportunity to attend our friend’s wedding! It was wonderful! I really enjoyed the sermon about how romantic love may come and go, but you really need fidelity and when you can trust, you can love. I’m glad Ashley got to have her childhood minister perform her ceremony! That is so special!

The reception was beautiful! So nicely decorated! I love the lights beneath the fabric. It was so romantic and perfect for a wedding. Did I mention that Ashley’s dress was stunning? If I had to pick another dress other than the one I wore at my wedding, I would pick her’s. It’s perfect! They looked so happy!! The funniest part was that her brother and her new sister-in-law set out the little bells that when they ring you are supposed to kiss. I told her that was exactly why we didn’t have them. She said she didn’t have them either! She didn’t know about them! My table decided we would not ring them because we wouldn’t like someone doing that to us 🙂 Ashley & Josh- You are welcome 😉

I think going to weddings is great!  It makes you think of your own and you get to listen to a new sermon that you haven’t heard before. I’m not a big sermon person, but the lesson to them are usually very good to apply to your life.

Thank you to Ashley & Josh for inviting us to your special day! We wish you nothing but happiness and that any trials you may face will only make your relationship stronger than ever.

(sorry about the picture quality!)


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