Daylily and Wine Festival

The Daylily & Wine Festival is in Fishersville at Andre Viette’s Farm and Nursery. It’s a two day event with wine tastings, music, food, and craft vendors in a beautiful setting seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

It was definitely a little more warm than was comfortable but we started out with a big cup of lemonade which was a lifesaver. Sean ate Kooter’s pork BBQ and I had a Nathan’s hotdog for a late lunch before we started tasting wine.

Some of our favorite wineries are Peaks of OtterRockbridge Vineyard, and Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery. Since I (Jess) am not a wine drinker, I like Peaks of Otter and Hill Top because most of the wines are not made from grapes, but other fruits like apples and berries. From Peaks of Otter we got “Blue Ridge Mountain Grape” wine which taste just like Welch’s Grape Juice! Also, Sean got me “Cinfulicious” which is an apple cinnamon wine. One of Peaks of Otter’s famous wines is “Kiss the Devil” Chili Pepper which is more for cooking than drinking; it is made from 30 varieties of peppers! Yeah…I did not taste this one! They also had a wine that is called “Apple Truffle” and it tasted like a Tootsie Roll, no lie.  The last wine we bought was “Vd’or” a sweet dessert wine from Rockbridge Vineyard.


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