We’re Going to Philly

I (Jessica) want to visit my friend who lives outside of Philadelphia. Sean would like to catch up with his best man. We both plan on visiting his family. And Sean has to swim in the ocean! So, we’re going to Philadelphia in August!!!

Sean and Jessica at the Philly "LOVE" Sculpture August 2008

This trip is also somewhat of an anniversary trip too. Yes, I know that since we’re married that you should celebrate your dating anniversary. So what! Those six years were full of ups and downs and roundabouts (that’s for the Jersey folks :P) in all aspects of our lives, and we will celebrate proudly!

Since we went to Philadelphia 2 years ago and did most of the touristy stuff, this year we are planning to really experience the city…and that means a lot of food πŸ™‚ We will be staying in Center City which is incredible (thanks to priceline.com)! We may get one of the city passes which pretty much gets you into anything you want for free-well, after you pay for the pass. But it’s a good deal! There will be lots of walking, picture taking, and eating. I already have a bit of an idea of the things we should do while we’re there.

We have a HUGE list of places we want to eat at. Many include restaurants with famous executive chefs that we’ve heard of. And then there’s the sushi bars that Sean would love to try out. I just want to find the perfect spot for our anniversary dinner πŸ™‚

Also, they have a summer promotion with the Phillies mascot, the Phanatic, where they have statues all around the city and you can find them to take pictures, or whatever. They are all painted differently. I’m really excited to see them all! We will definitely post pictures πŸ™‚


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