Beginning of Our Philly Vacation

First Day of Vacation! Wednesday August 11

We left this morning around 10am after we did our errands, which was right on time!
We only stopped once and that was in Winchester to get Sonic 🙂 Because once I got on 95, I really didn’t want to get off the road because I didn’t want to get back on it. Traffic was pretty good but then we hit the traffic because of two different accidents. And of course construction was everywhere. I’m just hoping none of those so-called speed cameras got me. I was just keeping up with traffic. Well, not even! People were still flying by me. And what is with Maryland? I really think that they went to a completely different driving school. They may be behind me with 2 lanes to the left and 1 to the right of me, and they will pass on the right instead of the left. Seriously? I’m not talk about they were sort of passing me, I mean they were going at least 15 mph faster.
My anxiety didn’t kick in until we got into the City. I had to drive around City Hall and the roads are all sorts of funky. Then we get on the road the hotel was on, but it’s not the road that you need to be on to unload your stuff. Sean and I have had issues in the past with sense of direction, but he was right on today and got me around a few blocks (most of them were one way) and to the front door. The only option is to use the valet…good thing the hotel was cheap.
We are staying the Four Points by Sheraton. It’s right next to Reading Terminal Market and Sean found that there’s a Wachovia around here too! We are right in Center City so we’re not far from most things.
Tonight Sean and I hung out with our friends. I went out with my friend Danielle and we went to The Melting Pot which neither of us had been to before. And Sean went to Todd’s place where they cooked out and had people over.

Dee and I loved The Melting Pot. It’s a fondue place, and though there is one in Charlottesville, I had never been to it before. It’s a pretty cool idea. I got sirloin and shrimp while Dee got the vegetarian option and she picked out the Caribbean style fondue. It definitely had a distinct flavor to it, very good. For dessert, we got Ying-Yang chocolate fondue which mixes white and dark chocolate. The best part? The dippings! We got strawberries, pound cake, brownies, rice crispie treats, cheesecake, marshmallows covered in cookie crumbs, and bananas. It was amazing! We got a “small” chocolate pot but got 2 plates of dippings! Good thing we did not get the “large” because we would have never been able to eat it all!

Thursday, August 12 (Our Anniversary!)

We slept in which was great and I haven’t been able to do that in a while. When we finally got ready for the day we headed toReading Terminal Market for a brunch. We walked around to see what all was there and they are having a Pennsylvania Dutch Festival. They had all kinds of donuts and meats, but we didn’t partake in that, instead we went to the creperie.

I was going to put “before and after” photos, but there was literally nothing left. I got banana, strawberry, with nutella crepe. Sean got apple caramel crepe, which was also amazing.

Later on, around lunch time we met up with Sean’s brother Shane and his girlfriend, Tori, to hang out with them for the day. So we head down (walking) to the Mutter Museum. It wasn’t a short walk, but it wasn’t bad. The Mutter Museum is a lot like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, except without the big budget. Also, apparently it’s pronounced “Moo-ter”. Some of the exhibits are really interesting and some are just disturbing.

Afterwards we headed up to The Franklin Institute to get our tickets for Inception on IMAX. In front of the building, we found one of the Phanatics that are around the city! He had a key and string like Ben Franklin when he discovered electricity. There are 19 more around the city and I hope to find a bunch more! They are really cute.
We had a little bit of time so we went down the street and hit up Whole Foods for some soup and hot bar food. It’s a fairly long movie, and we didn’t want to be hungry in the middle of it.
Inception was good the second time too. But the IMAX is very strange with a regular movie. I would love to see something like “Life” or “Earth” on it. That would be spectacular! Anyway, Shane and Tori seemed to enjoy it too. It was a really good day and both Sean and I are really glad we were about to meet Tori and we think she’s great!
After a short break, we decided to head out to dinner to celebrate our 6 year dating anniversary. After going through many restaurants online trying to find something close, nice, and good, we decided on Hard Rock Cafe. So, we walked in 2.5 blocks to the restaurant and were told we’d have a 1/2 hour wait. We waited. And waited. It was not a good night to go. They were having a band contest and a radio station was even there. When I asked how much longer, he showed me the list of people ahead of us…it was about 7 parties. So, we left.

Right outside of Hard Rock was a restaurant called 13. We checked the menu and decided it was a decent place to go. After getting seated, we realized that it was nice, quiet, and good. I got baked lobster mac & cheese with garlic fries. Sean got scallops. He loved everything he got…and I got 🙂 I like the mac & cheese but couldn’t eat it all because of the grease from the cheese, so Sean got to eat the rest.

At the end of the meal, I got an awesome chocolate cake. It even came with chocolate ice cream! I ate all the cake and he ate the ice cream. It was seriously amazing food. This vacation, so far, has completely satisfied my chocolate tooth. Yes, I don’t just have a sweet tooth, it is specifically a chocolate tooth.

Well, that’s our Thursday! No idea yet what tomorrow will be full of, but it may include good food, and searching for more Phanatics!

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