Friday, The Thirteenth

Friday, August 13

Searching for Phanatics

Friday morning we headed out in search of some more Phanatics that are placed around the city of Philadelphia! We found most of the ones on the east side (the historic side) of the city, and took pictures! They were fun to find but some were in buildings and it took a little longer to find since I thought they were all outside. I wish we found them all but one was in the Citizens Bank Park (and you need a ticket), one was in the airport (past security), and some were in places we just didn’t go. We saw more than we took pictures of because we saw some while on a bus. I just think its such a fun and neat idea!

While on our way to find the Phanatic in the National Constitution Center, we saw that the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia had a free exhibit on money called Money in Motion. We figured it was free, and we would probably learn something, so we headed past the airline-like security and found a very interactive exhibit. It was all about money. It showed the new $100 bill and the security measures. It explained the trends in the economy and what happened during different decades relating to the economic state of the country. And of course, it showed how the look of money has changed and the role that the Federal Reserve plays in the economy. Overall, very cool and we would both suggest checking it out if you happen to be walking by.

View From Water Works Restaurant

Afterwards we had been planning on going to Water Works which is an amazing restaurant set in Fairmount Park facing Boathouse Row. It was an awesome lunch where I had a club steak (with house-made steak sauce) and house-made potato chips and Sean had a Water Works Cheesesteak with mixed greens. This lunch was so extraordinary. My steak was perfect in every way and I pretty much inhaled the house-made chips. Sean also ordered grilled octopus for an appetizer which was a little larger than he expected. Because of that, he was able to take half of the cheesesteak back to save for later!

Bassett's Ice Cream

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped into the Reading Terminal Market to visit Bassett’s Ice Cream! Sean picked Green Tea ice cream and I got some delicious Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream. It was very good!

That evening Sean made plans with his mom to meet us for dinner. She did her own research to find a restaurant and we ended up at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on the Avenue of the Arts (Broad St). We were so glad she picked a place since for each meal we tried to figure out the best place to eat.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Well, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was incredible. Service was excellent and we were very pleased with the food. They had a great menu where you get three courses for a fixed price, we all three did that. I ordered the petite filet with shrimp and Sean ordered the ribeye steak, then we shared a large order of mashed potatoes. It was a great evening catching up and sharing a great meal!


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