Somewhat Slower Saturday

Saturday, August 14

We have yet to use the SEPTA on this trip, which means we’ve pretty much been walking everywhere. We have used the Phlash bus, but that was to get from our hotel in Center City to Fairmount Park (and back) for lunch on Friday. We are trying to keep everything somewhat leisurely.

Fireman's Hall

With that mindset, we walked the few blocks to Old City to get our tickets for the Adventure Aquarium and the shuttle to take us from Philadelphia, across the river to Camden, NJ. Then we headed to the Fireman’s Hall Museum on 2nd Street, which was pretty neat. They had a wall dedicated to 9/11, old fire trucks, and lots of history. Of course I had to get my dad a t-shirt, and I thought about my dad a lot during that visit.

Once we were done walking around the museum we headed out to find a place for lunch. We knew we did not want to eat lunch at the Aquarium because the cost would be ridiculous and the food would probably not be good. So we found a place called Rotten Ralphs! I got a pulled bbq sandwich with cheese and curly fries and Sean got a Reuben. Everything was so good that I didn’t notice that I got curly fries and Sean got regular fries and I wanted to try his fries. Very good experience is a little place near the river.

After we had filled up on lunch we headed back to the Visitor’s Center to catch the shuttle to the Adventure Aquarium. It was a quick trip that put us right at the door to get in. And since we bought our tickets at the Visitor’s Center, we were ahead of the game (or the line in this case). I have been to a few aquariums including Baltimore Aquarium, Virginia Aquarium, & Sea Life London Aquarium, but this one was different. For the bigger fish there were multiple vantage points so you could see from above the water and through the water on the fishes’ level. This aquarium did seem smaller than the others but it was jam packed with animals. They even had penguins, seals, and hippos! There are a few interactive areas where you are able to touch stingrays and small sharks. So, yes, I touched them and now I can say I touched a shark. But I’m not first in line to swim with them. We are glad we went but will not be on our list the next time we head up there.

It was a long afternoon, so we walked back to the hotel to nap before dinner. This was the drill by now. Walk and walk, then eat, then sleep, then walk and eat again. That is an awesome vacation 🙂

We had a hard time deciding where to have our last meal in Philly. We finally decided on Phillips Seafood and luckily it was only a couple blocks down Race Street which is where our hotel was located. The food was incredible! We shared a plate of crab legs which were pre-cracked! I have never seen that before! Then Sean ate broiled fish and I had crab mac & cheese. Can you say perfect? I wasn’t able to eat it all so I was able to take it back with me.

We were going to get gelato after dinner but the waitress brought the dessert menu and then I HAD to get the amazing chocolate cake. There were two different chocolate cakes. I got the pudding-based one instead of the lava cake one. This was seriously the best food vacation ever.


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