Jessica’s First Day at Her New Job

Today I started a new job. I now work in the East Campus Library at JMU as an Administrative Assistant. I walked into my new office and there is a pot of flowers for me! What a wonderful welcome! I got an email from another Administrative Assistant in a different department in the building offering her assistance if I needed it! I haven’t even gotten to meet her yet. My new co-workers seem happy and relaxed and that is pretty awesome. It is a good thing I started this week, because next week classes start and it will get busy! Also today, my mom sent me flowers which her boyfriend delivered from Bridgewater to my building! I missed him, but that was so nice! I think she’s pretty excited for me since she hasn’t sent me flowers before. Then my new boss took me out to lunch and a few of my new co-workers came too. What a wonderful, busy day!

My main responsibility is to be Building Coordinator. I have done a lot of this work before, but now I am responsible for all of it. So, I have a lot of training coming up. Tomorrow, I am fortunate to work with the previous Administrative Assistant who will be able to show me what goes where and how to do things. I feel pretty lucky that I don’t have to figure it out myself. Then I get to be shown the ropes of the other two departments in the building, Center for Instructional Technology and Center for Faculty Innovation. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I really think this will be a great opportunity for me.

Also, because I am going to be using different programs than I used to (because I didn’t need to use them) I have signed up for a few technology workshops. And because I am Building Coordinator and have not taken but one of the classes for that, I will be completing what is left of the workshop series on that for the year. Hopefully, they will offer everything again and I will get to finish the entire program.

Overall, I had a great first day and really look forward to the rest of the week!

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One thought on “Jessica’s First Day at Her New Job

  1. Congratulations on your first day!! It sounds like a great office for you and a great move to have made. I’m so excited for you!!!

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