Citizen Academy of Harrisonburg-Community Development

Yesterday, we had our academy class on Community Development. It was really interesting how they have specific plans for the city and they know how they want it to grow. I think for some of us it looks a little chaotic, but it isn’t. There are areas specifically designated for some sort of use.

Also, this office handles the building codes. So, you would need to go to them to get permits to expand on your property and they will be inspecting new buildings to make sure they are up to state code. You can call them if you think something that you see is not safe (as far as buildings go). They monitor the city’s buildings in patterns, so they try to get around to all the areas to watch for buildings that may need to be condemned or buildings where they need to speak with the owners because something looks a little off.

You may have heard about the floor collapsed in a student housing apartment complex. They had to be there that night to inspect the building. The inspector decided that the entire building was unlivable until further investigations were done to determine the status of electrical lines. They also determine the structural integrity of buildings.

One important thing I learned was that they cannot make building standards higher than what the states makes them. It makes sense in the big picture I suppose. Contractors would have to spend more money and housing would be more expensive. There are reasons for capacity codes and there needs to be personal responsibility.

Check out their website for more info (click on the link at the top)…sorry it’s a short blog post!


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