Citizen Academy of Harrisonburg-Parks and Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Department does so much with so little! They manage 13 parks, playgrounds, and trails. Check out where they are located.  Most people in the area think of Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center when they hear “Parks & Rec”. The Community Center is a great place! They have a swimming pool, skate park, daycare, indoor basketball, a gym, disc golf, and more! I think it’s only $30 to join for the year. That’s likely the best bargain in the City.

David Wigginton is the Assistant Director and gave us a lot of information about the Parks & Recreation system…as well as some photos from his trips. He was a great and fun presenter!

Our Parks & Rec department has their own playground inspectors. Now these people are important because they make sure the playgrounds are safe for your children to use. Also, because the playgrounds are insured (which is something I have never thought about, but makes sense) they have to be inspected frequently.

They have land that they have not yet developed and there is no plan to do so yet. David mentioned that it’s nice to have a little wooded area too. Some of our parks have bike trails which is pretty awesome, and they are working on making more.

Please check out the links above and go explore our City parks!


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