Citizen Academy of Harrisonburg – Fire Department

Last night we headed to the Harrisonburg Fire Department, HFD’s Station 1 to be exact. There are four fire stations in the City and this is a huge help for those in need of emergency medical assistance. All the fire fighters are also EMT’s. If you are like me, you wonder how long it takes the Rescue Squad to get to the other side of town. I don’t know how many times I’ve said “we need a second rescue squad!” But, the beauty of the system that is in place, is that HFD will also respond to medical calls since there is likely a station closer than the Rescue Squad. So, they are the first responders! Typically, they can get the patient ready to get put in the ambulance to take them to the hospital by the time the Rescue Squad gets there. How cool is that?

The four stations are located at:

  • 80 Maryland Ave (near Keister Elementary)-Station 1
  • 380 Pleasant Valley Road (Past Cracker Barrel)- Station 2
  • 299 Lucy Drive (near Gold’s Gym behind the mall)- Station 3
  • 210 E. Rock St. (near the Post Office downtown)- Station 4

Some other important points are that the Fire Prevention Specialists have a ton of support from the Chief which means there’s more education than many other localities may have. Also, in Station 4 Rockingham County’s Hose Company 4 is housed along side HFD’s equipment (well, they share a building at least). And HFD has a great relationship with the County and they cover each others calls when needed.

With that point I would also like to make it clear that HFD does not have volunteers. Any volunteers they do have come from Hose Company 4 (as long as they meet the higher standards of the City). And if needed, they can volunteer for the City, somewhat indirectly it seems.

Our firefighters work a 24 hours shift (very similar to my dad!) They come in at 8am and get off the next morning! It is a 3 day shift. So, 24 hours on, 48 hours off. You can always count on many firefighters being on-duty, no matter when.

Services you may not be aware of:

  • Home and car lock-outs IF there is a child or pet left unattended.
  • Pumping flooded basements
  • Emergency Medical Services (as stated above)
  • Fire Safety Programs (school and community-based)
  • Fire Investigations
  • Fire Building Inspections (public buildings)
  • Night Club Inspections (during peak times)
  • Cici’s Night-One night a year, you call Cici’s for a pizza. It’s delivered by firefighters who also check your smoke alarm, if it’s not working. They will replace it for free. They want you safe!
  • Child Safety Seat Checks

These people are BUSY!

Check out their Facebook Page. Frequently Updated.



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