9/11 Health Bill

This is not a normal post and is not intended to be. I may not be the most educated person on the subject but sometimes I think things are over-thought. That said…


What kind of country are we when we don’t help the people who sifted through the rubble to find friends and loved one in hopes they were alive? These people left their families for days, weeks, and months to help clean up after the attack on OUR NATION! Now, Workers Compensation wants to fight them on whether they got lung cancer from working 9 years ago?

I am so furious that I had to write something and put it out there. This saddens me to no end. And for Senators to say that they have holiday and it would be wrong to continue working, I say, I have a father who has worked many Christmases on his 24 hour shift as a Fireman and EMT. I know the feeling of fearing if he’s going to be okay. Thank GOD he did not go up there during that time. I remember thinking that he would go and I was terrified-not because I thought he would get sick later, but because of how dangerous the immediate job was. Though, I don’t remember why he was unable to go, but he has FF brothers that did. That is what they do, they work for us-WHENEVER necessary. Fires and disasters don’t stop because it is Christmas. These people’s health problems don’t stop because it is Christmas.

You want to talk about Christmas and being with family? How about all the families that won’t have someone there because they don’t get the healthcare and treatment they need when they risked their lives to save others? These men and women don’t ask for much. In many places they don’t charge for services. They want to HELP people! What do they get for it? A government who won’t help them when they need it the most!

The Christian thing to do is to help others. Matthew 22:36-40. Look it up if you don’t already know it and tell me how people that are worried about families being together when others are suffering (which they can help with) may contradict this passage. I’m not a religious person, but I realize that helping others is the only way to have peace.

On a different note, how is it that the party lines are split the way they are? How the heck is this a party issue? I don’t care who blames who for 9/11. I don’t care if you think it’s a conspiracy somehow. I promise you that nothing else was on the minds of those that were at ground zero to help than to save lives and rebuilt our country. Do you remember how close the US became after that horrible day? All the patriotism and flags? Remember when we said that we were stronger than that attack?

Do you remember that day? I was SCARED. I was scared because I had friends whose parents worked in the Pentagon. I was scared for the people in the towers who were terrified enough to jump. I was scared for all the families who had no idea where their loved one was or if they were alive. I was PROUD of my fellow Americans who left their lives to help pick up the pieces. That shows LOVE for their fellow man. That is COURAGE to do what is right. That is STRENGTH to work endlessly for others.

I am disgusted with those who voted against this bill and can truly not understand why they did it. I wish someone could explain to me the reasoning behind not voting yes. And if its financial, it’s crap. I will not go into a party argument on it, but that’s my feeling. You can take it or leave and I really don’t care.  I don’t believe in black or white, I believe in right and wrong. And I believe that it is WRONG to let our HEROS die without even trying to help them. We owe them everything. They were the epitome of strength that day and many days to after-and should still be.

My call to you: If you live in a state that voted no, please write your representative and tell them that it is unacceptable to not help the people that were in the middle of it all.

Please, that is all I ask. Here is a list of the representatives and their votes. See where your state stands.

Links to articles on the subject:

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Huffington Post– Republicans Explain

This is about this specific bill on this specific topic. I don’t normally share my views but this hurts so much that I couldn’t help but write my opinions. Be respectful if you comment.

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