The Holidays

Our Christmas Tree

We did a pretty low-key holiday. We both worked a lot. Sean worked holiday time and overtime and I worked at Bath & Body Works since I was off from my normal job. The goal was to make a little extra money instead of spending it. So, gifts were pretty low-key as well.

Gifts are always so hard to deal with. I hate trying to figure out what to get everyone when typically people get themselves what they want when they want it. And now, Christmas lists are rare so you have no idea what they even want. My brother always pulls the “I don’t know” when you ask what he wants. Well, that or “A Car.”

Sean and I like to make food. We did truffles this year and apparently they were more difficult than last year. So, it got really frustrating with the chocolate and all, but we got some done…just enough actually. I figure it’s a nice treat and we don’t have the money to buy people things. It can get stressful with the pressure of buying gifts, I would rather avoid it all together. I think a nice family blueberry pancake breakfast followed by an awesome lunch and just being around family is what Christmas is about. That part was nice.

For the evening, we went to my dad’s for dinner. He was really looking forward to it and I was looking forward to seeing him and having a 3rd awesome meal of the day! The gift thing isn’t his forté either. Luckily for us, I found him the perfect gift! It’s a great feeling when you see something (that’s in your budget) and you just know someone will love it!

Overall, Christmas was nice. It went fast but it was a long day too. I was happy to have the rest of the evening to spend with my husband and just enjoy hanging out on the couch with the glow of the tree lights while watching TV, then playing Wii.

I thought I’d share some of our Christmas ornaments with you. We have a few that are special to us. One of them I made while on a trip in Germany, I blew the glass myself and am super proud of it. Another is our first ornament, Sean bought it for me from the Student Art Sale at BC in 2004, our first Christmas together. Then we have the small heart ornament that I put the dried petals from the first roses Sean gave me, next to it a big clear ornament we both love with streams of glass inside, it’s just really cool. Lastly, is the Philly ornament. We picked it up this year in the Reading Terminal Market. It’s beautiful, heavy and I love the design (sorry it’s blurry!).

We have others that aren’t pictured, like ones my friend Danni has given me including Chip & Dale (that you’ll see in the tree picture), and ones my grandma has given me over the years including the bell in the big picture (left side) from Ireland. All are special and love to share their meanings.

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