Apparently I have been doing Zumba since about June or July 2010. I couldn’t remember except that I started when my friend and Zumba instructor Emily started teaching. She was my co-worker at the time (at a different job) and talked me into trying Harrisonburg Fitness for the week (you get 1 week free) so I could try her class. Of course she wanted to see how well she was doing, so her sister and I went to Zumba then after class tell her how the class went.

Of course she did great and soon afterwards Sean and I became members to the gym. Granted, I pretty much knew I wouldn’t go to the gym very often to just work out, but figured Sean would (and does). But, with the cost of regular Zumba classes being around $10 depending on where you go, going every week- even just once, was worth the cost. I tried to go the Saturdays she worked but EVERY TIME I had something to do. And you do have your favorite instructors, so I go when Emily teaches because she’s awesome.

So, ZUMBA! What is it? It’s a latin dancing workout. It’s high-energy and fun. They play international dance music and they can mix it up a bit. They also have super cute clothes! I love seeing what Emily wears to class. That’s the basics anyway. They have expanded to have kid-friendly, older-people friendly, and even pool-friendly classes! Check out what Zumba is and what sort of classes they have here.

Classes are popping up all over the place! In Harrisonburg, some of the biggest players in Zumba are RMH Wellness Center, Harrisonburg Fitness, and Golds Gym. See where there are classes near you! There are even YouTube videos galore!  Ask around and I’m sure you’ll find someone who goes to Zumba =)

I love it. It’s a great work out and when I learn the routines, it’s even more fun! So, that is my post about Zumba. I hope everyone tries it at least once!

Here’s a video for the DVDs. But the classes are more fun! Check out more Zumba videos on their YouTube Channel


One thought on “Zumba!

  1. I miss taking Zumba with you guys!! I should come to the class when I’m home over spring break and we can have a little reunion – maybe even a smoothie afterwards. I’m so glad you’re really enjoying it too. It’s so wonderful when working out is so fun and addicting.

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