Virginia Wine and Food Showcase

Our Valentine event was heading up to Chantilly for the Virginia Wine & Food Showcase. We got there about 11:15am, 15 minutes after it started, and we still didn’t get to see everything! There were a bunch of seminars in addition to the wine tasting.

We started our day at Mattaponi Winery which was in the back of the first room we walked in. The wine tastings were in 5 rooms so it took a while to get oriented. Then there were 3 stages for seminars and varietal tastings. After we tasted the wines at Mattaponi, we went to see the chocolate lava cake demonstration. I wasn’t going to miss that! It was a good demo with a great tasting! What Chef Patrick Wilson does is put a ganache truffle in the middle of the cake instead of letting it not bake completely. That was a trick I hadn’t heard of. I can’t wait to try this!

Then, we really started to do what we went there for…wine tasting! There were so many wineries that we knew we would have a hard time visiting them all. So, we got out our brochure and picked ones we didn’t want to miss while we got a little something in our stomachs. After a little tasting, we went to “It’s All About Chocolate”. I thought, this was my seminar. But, no. I don’t like spice in my chocolate, so, Sean took over. Then we went to the sushi seminar. See why we didn’t get to all the wines?

What did we end up with?

Strawberry Wine from Mattaponi Winery in Spotsylvania, VA

Virginia Rose Wine from Ingleside Vineyards in Oak Grove, VA

Blushing Dog Wine from Château Morrisette in Floyd, VA

If you are interested in Virginia Wine or events in Virginia regarding wine, please visit They are a great resource for learning about the wineries in each area and the events happening at the wineries and different festivals around the state!


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