Wine and BBQ

Because we wanted to get out of the house on Sunday we decided on a short road trip! We visited Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery, BBQ Exchange, and Horton Vineyards. All are in the Charlottesville area, but we didn’t actually go into Charlottesville. All I want to do there is eat and shop and I can do both at Whole Foods 🙂

I loved Hill Top. It’s exactly the type of wine I like and the people were super nice, they had a cute dog who was laying on his back leaning against the bottom of the bar you stand at the do the tasting. We tasted quite a few different wines. We’ll go back or at least catch them at a festival for the blackberry wine. I think that’s the one Sean is really interested in, but they are sold out right now.

The great thing about Hill Top is they are true to the fruit, so the base is not apple or any other fruit, it is the fruit that’s on the bottle. They also sell Meads which uses honey. We ended up buying Lavender Metheglin. I was hesitant to try a wine with lavender, but it was really good. Check out their wine list here.

Then we went a bunch of back roads and ended of at the BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, VA. It was really really good. Nice place with good food and not pricey. Thanks to my friend Josh who pointed us in that direction. Definitely worth the detour…and we had to eat!

The second and final winery we visited Sunday was Horton Vineyards. They had a chocolate wine called Blanco Xoco that I really liked and that’s what we ended up buying. But it was a beautiful setting, with many wines to choose from for tasting, and surprisingly there were quite a few people there.

It was a wonderful day trip and I can’t wait to do more!


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