Piecing It Together

Here’s a little update on the England adventure…or the adventure to get to England. However you say it, it is an adventure.

We just finished our taxes…correctly. We did them the first time and something seemed way off. Maybe it was because we didn’t have Sean’s information on how much he paid on his student loans, and I didn’t have the info on one of mine. Maybe because we just plugged in the W-2 and a few other pages to see whether we should file together or separately. Either way, THIS time we did it right and got a nice return. I knew we should be paying, it just didn’t make sense!

Now that the taxes are finished, I am finishing up the FAFSA. It will be done today, once I get home from my meeting tonight. Then we wait a week or two to see what the Federal Government has to say which is hopefully “here’s a stafford loan available for you!” That would make my day…probably week! Once I find out if our government will give me funds, then I turn to my Credit Union. That’s probably what it will come down to. They said they usually give an answer in 24 hours. I can’t believe I’m that close!

Once that’s done (assuming I get the loan amount I need), then I need to get a certificate from the UWE to turn into the Visa people and see if I have to have the money in my account or if a letter from the banks will do. Who wants to pay interest on a loan they aren’t using yet? So, once I have the money, the certificate and both of our applications, I sent it in a wait. But it shouldn’t be an issue, just a formality. But I’m a worrier. That’s what I do.

That’s the story as of now! Please wish me luck. Well wishes and good vibes are always appreciated!

Getting closer to

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