Happy Anniversary…to us!

Our Wedding Day 1 Year Ago

It’s been 1 year (and a couple of days) since Sean and I got married! It was a wonderful day filled with family, friends, good food, and love. It was a special time. We are so lucky to have found each other because we balance really well. It’s not exactly opposites attract type situation (though different taste in music and movies!) it’s just like a puzzle, what I’m missing, he has and what he’s missing, I have. It’s an amazing thing.

This year has been full of mostly ups. You might be able to say we’re in the honeymoon stage, and somewhat that is true. But because we were together for so long beforehand, it’s easy to just be happy and not adjusting to a new kind of life. Sean started classes again and will finish up a certificate in Computer Networking Technologies, while I got accepted into grad school. We both love learning…not so much the tests though! I can’t say enough about this year. I’m just excited about the next one, and the lifetime that we have ahead. We have lots of plans, hopes, and dreams. From taking a cross-country road trip, to eventually being parents and settling somewhere with good jobs and good schools.

Life is an amazing ride. Right now we are going up that track when you get really nervous about what happens next. But, we hope that it’s an exciting and fun trip 🙂

Us at Melting Pot for Our 1 Year Anniversary



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