Anniversary Secret Getaway

We loved the idea of getting away without people knowing where we were, so we did! Sean even resisted from “checking in” at the really cool places we went to!

We went to…

It was an amazing 4 day weekend. We left first thing Saturday morning and headed up the interstate, turned east on 76 and was in Philly 5ish hours later. We didn’t see friends, family, or anyone that we knew while we were there. We weren’t trying to visit, we were trying to get away from the normalcy that is our life right now. And boy did we do it!

We’ve done the sightseeing before, it was a little chilly for a carriage ride, and zoos are all the same. So, what did we do? We ATE! A Lot. I was on the hunt  for chocolate. I made a chocolate map before we left and the plan was to try all the vanilla creams in Philly. Somehow, that didn’t happen. Instead, it was all chocolate cupcakes! I love chocolate so much, but by the end, I had a hard time eating a cupcake!


No worries. Chocolate isn’t ALL that I ate. We had a Pat’s Cheesesteak as soon as we got there. That’s Sean’s favorite. Funny thing is, apparently the majority of the line isn’t usually locals. It was the same when we were there. Either way, good steak, yucky service. On the way back to the apartment, we came across the 9th Street Italian Market. Very cool.


There’s a place called Anthony’s Chocolate House, we got some amazing chocolate covered strawberry gelato there. Dinner that night was a mystery until it was dinner time. We weren’t sure if we’d be hungry so we didn’t make reservations anywhere (which we learned last time, you must make reservations in Philly, especially Saturday night). I found this place online called Continental Midtown. Funny thing, Continental has two restaurants, I thought this was the close one… I was so wrong. I didn’t realize how wrong until we passed the other one on our last day. Midtown was 1.7 miles from the apartment we were in, the other? A few blocks over and up. Oh well,  Midtown was definitely cooler. So interesting on the inside. What other restaurant do you go in where they ask “Would you like to sit in the swinging basket chairs?” I asked her to repeat that a few times until I looked up and saw them.

On the way back to the apartment, we came across Naked Chocolate Cafe. I got a chocolate cupcake to go, but they had an amazing looking chocolate mousse that I said I would get later…that they never made more while I was there :(. Sean got a drinking chocolate with a shot of espresso that he really enjoyed. It was the perfect top-off to the evening!


What do you eat for breakfast while on vacation? That’s always a hard question. We had hoped to go to one of the famous brunches in Philadelphia, but famous seems to equal a ton of money. We settled for Jones on Chestnut. It was fairly close and in the direction we were heading anyway. Sean loved his eggs benedict and my chocolate chip waffle was okay.

We were just walking around killing time when we came across the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It started about 20 minutes late and we were literally at the front of the line up. But it was still fun. I got one beaded necklace and Sean got one too! We were next to another couple our age from Northern New Jersey and a Dad with his little boy who lives in the City. It was all pretty cool. We left when we thought it was nearing the end. We walked around some more, got some gelato from Capogiro Gelato. We each got our own, but it wasn’t nearly as amazing as Anthony’s. Then we headed back to rest a bit before dinner. We decided on Ted’s Montana Grill that night. It was awesome! They are right next to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse which is also amazing, but they are a fraction of the cost. The service was great, the food was delicious and couldn’t have asked for a better evening.


Our anniversary day!! We started the day by having our leftover chips & dip from Ted’s for breakfast. When you splurge for lunch or dinner, sometimes you sacrifice breakfast. Then, of course, we took a walk! Though we weren’t interested in a large breakfast, we headed down to 9th street to Anthony’s because we still haven’t gotten a cannoli. Apparently, it’s appropriate to eat in the morning. I got a hot chocolate and took one bite of the cannoli. And we headed back out to 19th street which is where a bakery which happened to be on my list is located. Swiss Haus Bakery smelled amazing as soon as you walk in the door. I got a Devils Food Chocolate Mousse Slice Dipped in Ganache, and a chocolate cupcake (both to eat later!). Sean got another cannoli and didn’t wait to eat it.

After aimlessly walking for a bit we got to 10 Arts for lunch. This is where Jennifer Carroll is the Chef de Cuisine. If you watch Top Chef, you’ll know who she is. They have a 5 bite lunch for a great price and it’s a bit of a tasting menu (a small one, but still, it’s lunch). You get a local beer (or soda), Philly pretzel bites, 2 sliders, small salad, and a cupcake that Pastry Chef Monica Glass prepares just for that day. I got 2 cheeseburger sliders, while Sean got 1 cheeseburger and 1 fish burger. Everything was wonderful! We are so glad we finally got to eat there and for a reasonable price!

Jennifer Carroll & Monica Glass

10 Arts

We had plenty of time until dinner so we went window shopping! We headed back to One Liberty Place where Brown Betty Bakery was open (we missed them yesterday since they were closed) so I got another chocolate cupcake to go. We found a great “green” store, and a Godiva store. That got dangerous, but we were very good and didn’t buy anything. Then we hit up the Gallery which has a Cinnabon, again we were good and didn’t get. Although, we you’re there to mostly eat, you have to stop at some point because you’re just not hungry for anything. We went into Burlington Coat Factory and got 2 items for Sean, but they were needed. What wasn’t needed but would have been nice, was a Phillies shirt…for me! It was blue button up jersey type shirt with embroidering! Only $20! But I don’t know when I would wear it, so we didn’t get it.

After walking for so long, we were ready to sit for a while. We went back to Naked Chocolate Cafe for some drinking chocolate and to relax for a bit. Wow! It was good! It is such a cool place. Lots of types of drinking chocolate (basically European style hot chocolate, thicker), chocolates, mousses, tarts, chocolate covered pretzels, and of course cupcakes!

Then we head to the Reading Terminal Market! Love that place! So much to do, see, smell, touch, and eat. They have an anatomically correct chocolate heart if you’re interested. We walked and looked and dreamed about living in a place that had a market like this near by to buy your groceries every 3 days. Then we came across Flying Monkey! They had cupcakes too! And macaroons. Sean likes macaroons…not me. So, of course, I got one to go. I had no idea when I would eat all of these!

Finally we were heading to our anniversary dinner at Melting Pot! We had the Big Night Out which is 4 courses, 3 of which are fondue. We started with a nice beer and cheddar cheese fondue, followed by a salad. Then the really good stuff! We got a surf & turf type meal. Shrimp, beef, duck, chicken and few other things to add to our fondue. We finished with chocolate s’more fondue! Chocolate, graham crackers with a little marshmallow creme. Awesome! We had cheesecake, pound cake, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, and rice krispie treats to dip. It was just a wonderful, relaxing and romantic dinner. Great evening!



Our last day away. It was sad. But we slept in and then packed up, took everything to the car, and headed up to Morimoto for lunch. I had a pork belly ramen soup while Sean had the sushi platter. He said it was the best meal of his life! The fish was fresh and had different textures, the rice was perfect and even the wasabi was fresh and handmade! To end our trip we headed down to Franklin Fountain for some ice cream (awesome!) then to South St for Sean to get his cigars. After that, we headed to the car and navigated out of the City to head home with only 1 stop for gas, and 1 for Chick-Fil-A!

I seriously haven’t smiled so much in a long time. It was a great trip with great food, obviously with a great partner. We stayed in a place we found on airbnb with Andrew. He was really nice as was his girlfriend and roommates. I would definitely recommend his place. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better trip. That’s probably our last trip before getting on the ship to England!


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