Short General Update

Usually general life isn’t all that exciting. But it’s been about a month since I’ve updated anything on here, so I figured I would let you know what’s  going on.

My dad came down a few weeks ago. He likes to camp in Verona and visit us while he does. He really wanted us to visit him there, but it was cold and kind of rainy so I suggested he come to us. Both dad and Sean were bummed because we were going to have grilled steak and now we had to cook it stove-top and oven. I understand that frustration. I love me a good grilled steak, but it is not worth the cold! His visit was nice and I’m glad he comes to visit, because I just am not so good at visiting and calling.

In one day I got to visit with two friends, that really makes my day! My friend, Erin, has a baby and doesn’t get to see too many people. I was able to visit her in her house shortly after he was born, but sometimes it’s just hard to make time. So, we decided after one of my workshops that we would meet at McCalisters. I love their french dip! It was her first time venturing out into the world with her son by herself. She was super proud of herself and I was too! He was tired but still did really well while we ate and caught up.

Then, my friend Danielle and I headed south to see Emily. We had dinner and literally talked for HOURS. It was awesome. You don’t know how much you miss girl time until you get back together. Emily is planning her wedding on my birthday which I find awesome because I’ll never forget it! She wants Danielle and I to sing as she walks down the aisle…we are in negotiations. And I have to find cowboy boots for the occasion! I hope I can find some!

Mom made her way down here too! We did some shopping, got some lunch, hung out at the Farmers Market. It was a really nice day. And even thought I forgot to give her my Kohl’s 30% off coupon (which I never get!), I got to use it, then got it to her. See, all works out 🙂

At work I am taking CERT classes. CERT stands for Citizen Emergency Response Team. I really think I belong in Public Safety. I love learning about this stuff. If I do get to do this graduate program, I hope to come out and begin working with some sort of Public Safety department. Anyway, it’s every Friday morning for 2 hours, should be 3 hours because there’s so much stuff to go over, but I’ll make that suggestion for next time. Too bad I won’t be here to be on the CERT for JMU. I’m hoping to keep you informed about what I’m learning in CERT. I will do my best!

Lastly, I am going to be a vendor at the OhBaby Expo on Sunday, May 1, 2011 from 1-4pm at Augusta Conference Center in Fort Defiance, VA. So excited and nervous. I’m hoping to have a friend go with me, but we’ll see. I will be representing Arbonne products which are awesome in case you haven’t heard. They are based on using only pure, safe, and beneficial products, and that is what I love about them! If you know someone who has recently had a baby or is planning on it, please send them over to the Facebook page or website. And definitely check out the Arbonne website! Oh Baby Expo did a vendor highlight on me, check it out!!


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