Hurry Up and Wait

Well, that’s what I hear about Hollywood anyway. I guess I have the opposite issue–wait, and then hurry up!

I am well aware that there hasn’t been any updates on the UK adventure. Thank you James for pointing it out…and quoting my blog! The problem is that there’s nothing to update you on. We are waiting until the end of May when I should get my award letter which lets me know how much money the US government is willing to lend me. As soon as I get it, I will accept it and send it back to UWE. Then the fun part comes.

Yes, that was sarcasm. Then I apply for a loan to show that Sean and I will not go on their social system (I’m sorry I don’t know what it’s called). This loan is the first one to get paid back, probably within the year we’re there. It’s really just assurance for them and a cushion for us. But if Sean does get to keep his current job, things will be much easier. It should also help us get an apartment and whatever we need for the apartment a little easier.

While I’m getting the second loan, I will request my CAS from the  University which I will need to apply for my visa. I will wait until after I accept the first loan (assuming it covers all tuition) so that it is written that it is taken care of. That way I don’t have to have documentation on my end for it.

I guess then it’s Visa time. I’ve done so much research and I think I know what I’m doing. But I won’t really know until we get approved. I believe we apply online, then print it out and mail everything with it? That’s where I’m confused. I hope we print it out because Sean’s and mine have to be processed together. But, we may submit it then sent everything in. Find out when we’re done I guess. So, for that, we’ll need our passports, marriage certificate, a letter from where ever I get the second loan from, the CAS, pictures, fees, eventually biometrics, and possibly our first born promised to them-not sure about the last one, but who knows? I think that’s it.


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