NKOTBSB Concert – DC

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This past weekend was amazing and not just because my birthday fell on Saturday. Friday was a half day of work for me because my friend Danielle and I went to DC for the NKOTBSB concert. And for those not in the know, that’s New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, and they are touring together this summer. Now, I’m not a big NKOTB fan, but I am not going to miss this concert.

It was fantastic! I was a little iffy about driving INTO DC. I have never done that before, and hope to not have to again anytime soon. But, the getting there went as smoothly as driving in DC after 3:00pm on a Friday afternoon. Only got cutoff/almost hit once! I call that a success. The only other snag we hit was that we could not park in the parking lot that I thought we could…no over night parking. They were doing major construction there and the lot was probably 1/5 the size it was, so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. But the guy was nice and told us where the closest parking garage was. We parked, eventually found the elevator, got our barrings, and checked in once we found the hotel. Literally, we practically ran to the room, dropped our stuff off and ran back out to the Verizon Center.

We have VIP tickets to see sound check. They never really announced when it would be, so I went by what people said on their website from previous shows. (I came home to find an email sent out at 3:15 saying to be there no later than 3:30.) Really? The company that runs this stuff kind of sucks. We got there right at 4:00…and waiting an hour before check in. Totally worth it to me though. It wasn’t actually a sound check, it was a sound check party. They sang songs we requested (or that they wanted to sing) and then each guy would answer one question. The songs were Incomplete, Drowning, Siberia. It wasn’t a long session, but we were 3rd row…not complaining! They were pretty tired though. Had a show the night before, then up early for the Today Show, then bused down from NYC to DC. That is a long day.

Danielle's Photo

The questions asked during sound check were:
Brian-How were the songs picked for the concert? With over 60 songs to pick from, they tried to incorporate older and newer songs while alternating fast and slow.

Howie-How is it different touring 10 years ago to now? The buses, the had just gotten their own individual buses about 10 years ago. That’s the biggest thing. And now Howie has his family on tour with him and sometimes Brian does too. And obviously, Kevin is no longer with the group.

Nick-How’s Aaron doing? What’s he up to? (seriously can’t believe someone asked this question!) Basically he said that he (Nick) was pretty busy and they talk twice a week, but that Aaron is just doing his own thing right now.

AJ-What’s your favorite song to perform? I can’t remember, I’ll have to ask Danielle.

By the end of sound check we were starving! We walked up the street and everywhere was overflowing. It was pretty obvious they were all there the same reason we were. But we got to Fuddruckers and though it took a while, the burger was good and we were full. Works for me! Then we got back to the concert about 15 minutes before show time. Found our seats and they were awesome. We even talked to a few other fans and we had a good time.

A woman named Ashlyne Huff opened the show with a few songs, but then Jordin Sparks was the real opener. Let me tell you, she is every bit as good live as on TV. That girl can sing! Her emotions during the songs are so amazing. I love her. I voted for her. She is awesome.

Then the boys came out…all 9 of them! I really don’t know what to say except it was amazing. They started and ended the show together, but alternated songs in between. It worked out really well and there was no interception. All of them sounded awesome. They may have been tired, but the show they put on was top notch. We got lucky and the people in front of us were New Kids fans so when we took BSB pictures, their hands weren’t in our way.

The whole thing was awesome and I am just so happy that we went!

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