We are Going to ENGLAND

Ok. So I’m been talking and talking about it, but now it’s actually happening! I got my financial aid award letter around 11:30am Friday (about the end of their work day in the UK). I had to send one email back adjusting the amount down, because let’s be honest, nobody wants to pay back more than they need.

Anyway, now it all seems very real. We have 2 months and 9 days until we will actually be on the Queen Mary II! We have just over 2 months to get our visas, look for an apartment, sell our stuff, and pack! Good thing we’ve been prepping. We have websites bookmarked of our favorite places to apartment hunt. We’ve looked into staying in an AirBnB place if we don’t have a place lined up. We’ve thought about traveling around England before school starts. Things are put in motion. Heck, we even know what is happening with our cars, the TV, my laptop, s’more maker, and toaster oven. Not a bad start 🙂 I also have a nice list of clothes that we’re throwing out, shoes too.

August seems to be a good month. Our dating anniversary is that month. The BSB concert Sean and I went to in 2005 was in that month. Now, we will be moving across the Atlantic Ocean that month. Craziness.


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