Document Update

This morning, I received the final loan award letter! This means things are rolling again. The email said that the visa letter will be produced by next week but that it is mailed…like snail mail kind of mailed. And she also said that I should get my CAS in the next couple of weeks. I was thinking all of this was electronic and it would happen the day after I accepted the award letter. Not the case.

We are looking into going to the British Embassy when we have all the documents to expedite the process. I have to do some digging/calling/emailing to find out if we can do that. The website says US citizens apply online, so that’s why I want to double check to see if we can do it in person. That way if we get approved, we can do bio-metrics and everything while in DC.

One thing that is frustrating, is that the federal loans are dispersed to the school when classes start. I have no loan money available to me until October 11. So, when we are trying to sell our things (I will let you know when!) please buy something if you want it…even a little bit 🙂 We are also selling Sean’s CRV. One person we know of is interested, but just keep it in mind. It’s a 2000 or 2001 with about 115,000 miles. Just throwing that out there!

Things are happening and I will keep you updated!


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