Queen Mary II

We have booked our voyage on the Queen Mary II!  We are extremely excited about this trip!  Though, those of you that know us, you know that this type of cruise isn’t exactly our style. But it was leaving the time we wanted to leave, so there you go.  It’s a very high class ship where Sean must where a jacket to dinner and usually a tie too.

I’ve been thinking about what we’ll do for 7 days, but there’s seems to be a fair amount to do.  There’s a planetarium on the ship which is super cool and a list of 101 things to do on the ship.  There’s 6 restaurants I believe we can eat in.  Because of the type of ship, the level you paid for also dictates where you can and cannot eat.  But 6 is still a good selection!  We’re going to try and get a reservation for Todd English, it’s supposed to be amazing!  There’s even a restaurant that turns into 4 different types of dining options. I haven’t figured out if that’s each night or one per night.  But still, pretty cool.  And it can’t be an English ship without a Pub! I will also be trying the outdoor dining option.  How many places can you get proper English Afternoon Tea? I don’t know, but I know we’ll have it on board!

There are other things to do on board as well.  During the day you can hit the gym, take a group fitness class, do simulated golf, swim in the pool, check out a movie, play tennis and a lot more!  I’m also excited about the other activities that change daily called Cunard ConneXtions. From wine tasting to dance lessons, I’ll probably be doing something every day.  There is a spa, but as you can imagine, it’s rather expensive.  I will probably not be visiting.

I didn’t even tell you where we are on the boat! We are pretty much right in the middle. Deck 6 in an interior room with a window overlooking the grand lobby. VERY Excited!

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