The Little Things

You know how when you’re moving, you think you’re almost done packing, and then you realize you’re not even close?

That’s kind of how I’m feeling. We’re going on the Queen Mary II.  This is a fancy ship with dress codes.  This means that Sean has to have a sports coat at the very least. But if we want to participate in anything, then he needs a suit or tux.  There’s no way we’re buying a tux.  Luckily, there’s a great sale at Jos. A. Bank.  There’s usually a great sale, so we’re going to wait until after the dentist and car stuff gets taken care of, then we’ll spend money on a suit.

On the same token, I need dresses.  Now, nobody really looks at a guy and says “he wore that suit the last time”.  No, they are black with some shirt under it.  A dress makes a statement.  People notice if you wear it twice.  Now, I have a couple I can get away with for semi-formal nights.  Maybe one for formal, but I’m looking at a couple of dresses to purchase, but first I will go to Ross!  Now, some people think you shouldn’t talk about money.  But let’s be honest, who wants to pay more for something when they don’t have to?  In this case, Donald Trump doesn’t count.  I’ll check out Ross and maybe come out with a gorgeous dress that’s way less than anything online!  Also, I have an amazing friend who is willing to let me borrow her dresses.  So, I will try at least one on when she visits.

Other little things:

Don’t forget a pillow!  We plan on spacebagging a few things, pillows are part of that crowd.  Can you imagine moving into an apartment with no furniture, only to sleep on the floor…with no pillow?!  That’s a horrible thought.  Pillows are going with us.

Cell phones.  I will have my laptop and will be able to skype or google chat or whatever.  But we’ll need a phone!  Though, I hope to have an apartment when we get there, a phone is a close second on the priority list.  Ok, maybe a mattress is above it 😛

Toilet paper, towels, dishes, pans.  If we have an apartment ready when we get there, we will take our stuff there and then shop for the necessities.  I will have a list ready when we get there.  Likely, we will stay in a hotel our first night or two so we have somewhere to sleep and leave our stuff while we get supplies and learn the city.

Internet.  It’s easy to take wi-fi, and especially FREE wi-fi for granted when you have it in your apartment and at work and use it without thinking about it.  But we will need to get internet set up right away, especially if Sean is able to work remotely.

Those are just a few things I’ve been thinking about today.  I’m so focused on the big stuff, like getting the documents and applying for the visa, that I forget about what we’ll need when we get there.

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One thought on “The Little Things

  1. Get a note book and do a different page for each kind of list…. this is how I stay organized. I have 3 different note books for different things in my life and some times I have 4 or 5 pages with a different list on each page. 6 when I was getting ready for Aidan. Let me know if I can help with the dresses.

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