June and July Events

Sean and I have been getting into all sorts of events lately! I have probably been overdoing it, but I only have one more event and it’s more about observing that planning or having to do a whole lot.


On June 11, Dick Myers Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep held a Jeep Jam at the Rockingham County Fair Grounds. It’s a family event geared to those with jeeps, though you don’t have to own one, it seems to be part of the fun. From what I could tell, there was music, food, vendors, and a chance to drive your jeep through the dirt/mud course.

Wanda was hoping to have a booth set up there but was unable to attend. She called me and I jumped at the chance to volunteer with Safe Kids! We got there a little after 9 to set up and it started at 10. We had to pick everything up from the fire house, which included a tent, chair, table, wheel to spin, candy and information to give out. I was nervous to it all by myself since I had never been to the event before and didn’t know what to expect. Not to mention, those tents aren’t easy to set up! Sean is so wonderful and he went with me. He was a HUGE help! We got everything set up quickly and we were ready to go. Then Karen from Rockingham County Fire Department showed up too! That was really good news because she could answer questions I can’t. So, we helped her get her tent up too. She had fun dress up clothes and other cute stuff.

I was planning on staying until 2pm, but after how hot it was, I realized that I was going to have to shower before going to Dad’s for Grant’s graduation party. So, I changed my plans to 1pm. But then, Karen came back from the room for police and rescue and pointed at the sky. It was time to pack up…right then. She helped us tear down and we got everything in the truck just in time to leave at 1pm. We literally shut the doors and it poured. We didn’t just leave Karen, she had EMTs and Deputies there helping her tear down. But that was a crazy time! Luckily, when we got back to the fire house, they let us back into the bay to unload.

Valley 4th

Since Kris left for California (so jealous!) I was asked to be the Interim Director for the Day of the Event. Honestly, my thought process was that I would probably end up doing the same work but I would get a compensation for officially taking on the role. Let me tell you, it was a crazy amount of work and correspondence that came with that title. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done it. I was really stressed with other things going on at the same time. But I also felt responsible for the outcome of the event. It wasn’t easy, but we pulled it off. I think it went rather well except for the weather, and I can’t do much about that!

On July 4, Sean and I headed down at 8:30am to meet Kim, the new Event Planner for HDR. We set up all morning and then I was ushering the vendors in their spots. Sean helped with a bunch of things including setting up, checking in volunteers, helping with hospitality, manning the beer garden, and keeping me in the loop of what was needed. Then around 4pm, it POURED. It was windy and rainy and was not one of the super quick storms. It lasted about an hour. Sean and some of our friends and other volunteers were trying to hold the tent down because the windy was so bad. We ended up losing a few tents in the storm, but it couldn’t have been helped. Mother Nature doesn’t care it’s a festival.

At 5pm we had the parade. We weren’t sure if we were going to have a parade, but Kim spoke with a few officials and we got it going only 15 minutes later. Unfortunately, we lost some entries, but you can’t have a guy in a cow suit out in a thunderstorm, can you? I think people really enjoyed it and were happy it went on. Later, we did have to move the 2nd band indoors, but at least we had a rain-place for them! We were really concerned about the sound equipment and didn’t take chances. All in all, I think we had a large crowd for the weather which I was pleased with. The saddest part of the day was that we couldn’t shoot off the fireworks. And people were mad. At that point I had been there for 13.5 hours and just didn’t care that they were whining. I was ready to start tearing down!

Side note: I didn’t get to bed until midnight and got up at 5am to get me and Sean to Alexandria for our biometrics. It was a grumpy Tuesday. The Logans lunch helped though 🙂

Friendly City Food Co-Op Grand Opening

I know how hard it is to get volunteers. So, I mentioned to Suzi that although Sean and I are somewhat exhausted, if she really needed us, then we could help. Apparently, the exhausted part wasn’t emphasized because her volunteer coordinator scheduled me from 11-6:30 and Sean 1:30-6:30 (I said he couldn’t work early since he needed sleep). It wasn’t a big deal and I could have said no. But, if they needed us, we wanted to be there.

They had a great turnout! I was so impressed at all the community support. They had a lot of neat things going on: massages, samples, music, and tie-dying. Though I was scheduled to be at certain places, I went where I was needed, I even bagged groceries! Well, I kind of did. Most people had their own bags and weren’t buying much. But it’s was nice to be there with Sean. He has been so supportive and is such a great helper. We are trying to do more things together. And volunteering is a great way to do that.


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