Overview of the process

While we wait for the visa application to go through, I thought this might be a good time to go over the whole process in one post.

Obviously, you must apply to a school and get accepted. And if that school works with US Direct Loans, you would fill out the FAFSA ASAP! My school sent me something else to fill out towards the end of May to determine how much loan money I needed/wanted. Then they sent me a document to be used for the visa stating that I had enough money. Shortly after that, they sent my Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) via the Welcome Website. This is where all electronic documents are sent for me.

Then the visa application process starts. You must have the CAS and loan information before you begin to apply. You should also have an address of where you will be. But oddly, I never used that. Oh, and obviously you need a passport.

For the visa application, if you are in the US, you fill out an online application. Once finished, you will sign-up for a day and time to go to a Visa Application Support Center where you will get your fingerprints taken and they will also take a picture of you. After that, you take the application (you print it too), the form from the biometrics, your passports, photos, questionnaire from the visa website, and supporting documents. My supporting documents included the CAS email I received, my loan papers, and my transcript (it’s what the school used to determine they would sponsor me). Sean (since he’s the dependent) did not need the questionnaire, but his application was a little different. His supporting documents included a copy of my loan information and our marriage certificate. Most everything else was the same.

We are hoping all of this is correct, but if not, then I will update it later. But I am hoping everything was there and we will get our visas soon! Like Hollywood, it’s hurry up and wait.

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