Plans B-G

The shock of us not going to England not only shocked us but all of you who were excited for us.

However, we were ready for a big adventure. We are STILL ready for a big adventure! We are doing are darnedest to get a big adventure. We don’t know plans yet, but we are looking at cities we might be interested in living in and applying for jobs. Sean is finding some dream jobs that he is going after with all he has. Killer cover letters and networking can really help on the job search. Use what you’ve got!

With his skills and the jobs he’s applying for, I’m really expecting him to get the first job. I am still applying, don’t get me wrong, but I think he’ll be the first, and that’s just fine! If one of us gets a job somewhere, then we’ll move there. Obviously we’ll try to secure an apartment first, but if not, that’s what Airbnb is for!

We have dreams just like everyone else, and we will continue to try and achieve them. We’re not going to divulge all our plans for a few reasons:

  • There are so many
  • They are somewhat still jumbled
  • We don’t want to get dead-set  on one thing and go in a completely different direction
  • And what fun would it be?

But hopefully you’ll be following with us.


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