On to the next thing…

So Plan B didn’t work. On to Plan C! This plan is slightly more stable than the last plan.

We are going to stay here in Harrisonburg for at least a year. Obviously I am looking for a job and we have high hopes for an apartment we found. But I think it will all be okay.

During this time in the valley, Sean will be working on getting the documents he needs to apply for dual-citizenship for Italy. Some may know about this and some may not. Honestly, I wasn’t sure it would ever really happen because I just didn’t know how we would get the documents needed from Italy. But he has found a company that does that sort of work. So, we have to get the documents in the US (birth & marriage) and I think we’ll have to get them translated. I know there are more steps, but I don’t know them.

Many doors open if this happens. We could pretty much live, work, or go to school in many European countries (not just Italy). This opens EUROPE to us. No visa stuff to mess with. School is much cheaper if you are a citizen and sometimes it is free. Those who know me, know I love free.

Anyway, no definite plans are set because there’s a lot to do and there’s different ways to go about applying for citizenship. Right now we are trying to get through right now.


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