Quick Getaway to the Country

Sean and Jess at John's Steakhouse

Saturday afternoon, Sean and I set off to have a little peace and quiet with no talk of the scariness and uncertainty that lies ahead. Harrisonburg is a great place, but it’s also nice because it’s about 2-4 hours from anywhere you would need to be. I wanted to really get away, not just visit some place. I wanted to go somewhere that would be beautiful and peaceful.  We ended up in West Warm Springs, Virginia a little less than 2 hours after leaving.

The closest thing you might know near Warm Springs, is Hot Springs, VA. That is where the Homestead is located (many Presidents have visited). Beautiful, but quite expensive, it wasn’t on our list of places to stay. Instead, we stayed at a place called Meadow Lane Lodge and Cottages. It was nice because we had our own place separate from the house but not in the cottages that are super expensive. It was perfect. We woke up to the animals making their morning noises and mist rising from the grass. We went to sleep to the crickets and the dark, dark sky. Oh, and no cell service. We were cut off and it was pretty nice.

Sunday afternoon we did a little exploring. We drove down to the Homestead but couldn’t really figure out how to get around, so we kept driving. We ended up on route 606 toward Clifton Forge…that was scary. Sean thought it was the coolest road he’s ever been on. It was the curviest and scariest that I had been on. It was even pretty narrow at some places.  The only car we passed was a cop. I was incredibly happy to know that they patrol that road. There’s no cell service if anything happened.

Once in Clifton Forge we realize nothing is there, so we head to Covington. Still nothing there. But on the way back up 220, we saw a sign for Lake Moomaw. We figured we would check it out. Down many roads and turns later, we still couldn’t figure out how to get there. At one point we were on this one lane, scary road and I turned around. We got to the Gathright Dam and could see where we wanted to go, but just couldn’t figure out how to get there. I got frustrated, so we left and headed back.

All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing trip with crazy curvy roads and water we couldn’t find. But it was what we needed and I’m so glad we went!

Thank you Bath and Allegheny Counties for sharing your amazing beauty!

Enjoy the slideshow below 🙂

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