Jess got a job!

I realize that it’s been rather quiet on here lately, but for good reason. We haven’t been doing a whole lot because we had no idea when I would get another job. Well, the wait is over! I start work on Monday!

It will have been 5 weeks since I left the library at JMU on Friday.  For those who don’t know what happened…I had already resigned when all of our plans fell through. It was too late to be able to stay. But I knew there was a reason behind all the craziness this summer, and this may be it.

My new job is at JMU again, but this time in the University Events office. It is a small office that gets a lot done. I am extremely excited to get on board and start working with the staff. I think this is going to be a wonderful experience! My job will entail many office manager duties similar to what I was previously doing, but also helping plan and execute events. I will be out and about at events too, and that’s pretty exciting. The only big difference will be that I will be using a Mac! But it will all be okay ;). I’ll learn more about the Mac and about more programs that I will be using as well.

A few other great things are that it is outside of the main campus behind Buffalo Wild Wings, so there is easier parking. However, I am going to try and go without a parking pass for a while and walk or bike to work, but there may be a bus route too. And to get around campus the buses are the easiest way, especially now that center campus is closed to cars. It’s just so many good things!

I can’t express how “me” this position seems to be!


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