What a Great Job

It has been a great two weeks of work! I did a lot of snooping through closets and files to figure out where things were. Also, I’m beginning to learn about some of the different events that our department plans. We do everything from lunches for the Board of Visitors to the Art Auction at The Homestead (where I’ll be for a weekend in the spring).

It’s great to be back at work at JMU. Even though some of the systems are frustrating, I am pretty comfortable with them. Though, I am *still* trying to get some of my access to the different systems! I’ll just keep emailing and calling people until it happens πŸ™‚ However, I do have my name on my door now, and that’s a good start!

Many of the people I know also know my boss, and everyone has great things to say about her. Lucky for me, some of the people I know have been telling her good things about me too! I work with two ladies and they are both great. They have their own styles but are both friendly and easy-going. I can already tell that everything everyone has told me about my boss is true…she is truly a great person to work with. I don’t have as much of that boss fear that I used do. I think this is the best place in Harrisonburg for me to be. I have a great office, great people to work with, and I am learning a lot.

Emmitt Smith -- Thanks Morgan for the Picture!

I have done two events so far! This past Saturday was my first football game at JMU, and I was somewhat of a bouncer for the President’s Suite. As many people now know, Emmitt Smith was there. Other than saying “hi” when he walked in (unexpectedly, when it was just me and the dining staff) I didn’t get to talk to him. His wife is an alumni and was there to celebrate her Homecoming Game. She was crazy beautiful and he seemed very nice and somewhat quiet. We did have some people trying to come in to meet him and get autographs, but it all worked out. The funniest part was when I left was when Emmitt and his Wife were leaving and I was inadvertently in the entourage surrounding him. Interesting day!

My second event was a reception with the School of Music. It wasn’t nearly as crazy as the football game, but it was a nice smaller event. The food was great and I was able to meet some more people. I still have many more to meet and try to remember. Luckily, my boss’s boss is the same as when I was in Admissions, so we already know each other. But I’m going to try and remember the regulars to the suite and maybe some board members.

I look forward to coming to work each day. Every day is a new adventure. I am so so lucky to be here and I just hope I can make my boss really glad she hired me πŸ™‚


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