Laid Off

Sean has been laid off from Carpathia and his last day is October 31 (a Monday). All three men that worked there will then be without a job. The company that owns the building that Carpathia leases from, and Carpathia, have not been agreeing on specific terms on the lease. Because of this, the offices that were used by Sean and his coworkers are now gone.

This is especially frustrating considering that had this happened 1 month ago when I did not have a job (and no lease), we would have just moved away and started over, since essentially that’s what we will have been doing anyway. But, I love my job and we have a lease for a year, so there’s no moving away now!

Please let either of us know if you have any leads on IT jobs specifically, or any job he could do.

I just wish bad things would stop happening. Somethings you do to yourself and you only have your self to blame…this year is not like that at all. I will be happy when 2011 is over.


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