How to Get Things for Free

Many of you know that I try to coupon the best I can. I don’t get 12 papers…or even 4 papers. I get 1, maybe 2. You should get two, but I make do. I am not very extreme at all and yet I have all in the picture above, plus a lot more for free or really cheap.

Recently I am most proud of my Zyrtec-D deal. It was on sale for $20, had a $5 coupon (online), and got $10 back in +up bucks (Rite-Aid’s reward system). And I got Chloraseptic and throat drops free and a new natural Nyquil really cheap. It’s that time of year when I need to stock up! My allergies go crazy in the fall and I’m bound to catch a cold at some point.

The tips:

Follow a couponing blog near you! Or follow a national one, just know the price may be different sometimes. I’ll link my favorites at the bottom. These sites match up sales with coupons.

Make a filing system for your coupons. I use hanging folders and use one per week. When the couponing sites do match ups, they tell you which week and which section to find the coupons in. EASY!

Email your favorite brands! Recently I had an issue with Toaster Strudels, the filling was barely there. I emailed them and told them and then received a coupon for a free package and 3 other coupons. This also happened with Ben & Jerry’s a few years ago when Cherry Garcia was just yucky tasting. But you can also just tell them you love them and want coupons! Talenti, a brand I usually see at Martin’s is wonderful gelato type ice-cream. SO yummy! But too expensive. I just emailed them that message exactly and got a few $1 off coupons. The coupons they mail to you are usually good for much longer than the ones in the newspaper.

Get rewards cards. Most of my free items are toiletry types. But, it still helps elsewhere! Get a Rite-Aid and CVS (or Walgreens) card. Sometimes, like this week, things were free WITHOUT a coupon! You got rewards bucks back right after you bought them. So, I have $6 to spend at Rite-Aid next week or the week after. Just don’t forget you have them. I’ve done that. You feel like an idiot when you do it.

There are coupon databases to help you find a coupon if you’re not sure if it’s out there. I’ll add these at the bottom too. They store information about online coupons as well as newspaper coupons.

Friend your favorite brands on Facebook! Some days they have coupons available (they’ll announce it). You just have to get there quick enough to get one before they run out!

If you print online coupons from,, or anywhere else, you can usually print 2. Just go back to the same page and click print again!

Couponing is a great way to help yourself and your friends/family if they need help. And if you’re getting freebies and don’t need them, DONATE! If you’re in Harrisonburg, I can send you information on how to get them to where they will do a lot of good.

Ask questions! Feel free to leave questions below! *Also has coupon database  **On Facebook…friend them! *Also has coupon database  **On Facebook…friend them!  **On Facebook…friend them!  **On Facebook…friend them!

Also check out my first Couponing post for beginner tips!


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