Jess’s “New” Job

I am so excited that I was able to keep my job! To clarify what happened, let me explain. In September, I had contacted JMU’s Human Resources to explain my situation and express that I would love to come back…even as a temp. So, about a week and a half later I got a phone call from a different lady in HR. She told me that her supervisor let them all know what happened and to let me know if anything came up. Well, this lady explained this temp job to me as temp-to-permanent, but it sounded like I was going to be a temp while someone was on maternity leave and if she did not come back then I would have the option to stay in that position.

That was not the case at all. The temp position was mainly to get someone in ASAP since my co-worker was leaving on maternity leave a week and a half after I started. I was there less than a month when Sean was laid off. I expressed my concern to my boss (mainly about having a job and insurance) and she was very receptive. A couple weeks later, she was able to get the job posted and form a hiring committee. I thought it would be cut-and-dry for me, you know, a formality. But it wasn’t quite that simple. I believe they are required to do three interviews, but turned out that I had real competition. Obviously, I don’t know anything about the other candidates, just that the committee was really making sure that they got the best person for the job.

I feel very relieved and proud that I was able to “keep” this job. I put it like that because the full-time position is more event-heavy than my current position. But, the time I have spent working with my boss has been amazing. I’m learning so much about events from her. I’m also learning more JMU programs (that I never thought I would have to use). But I’m meeting so many people and I know this will be great. I love working with my boss (it’s just been the two of us in the office for 2 months) and I know that when my co-worker gets back, that things will still be really good and maybe better since it will lighten the load.

Some bigger events we are working on are commencement-December and May, the Art Auction at The Homestead, the Annual Stewardship Luncheon, and soon we’ll start working on an Inauguration. We also handle Board of Visitors luncheons, different dinners, the President’s Football Suite, and many others.

Needless to say, I will get LOTS of experience. No day is ever the same. I love my office, my work, and the people I work with. Can’t get much better than that!


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