Merry Christmas

How was everyone’s holiday?

Sean and I cut back on gifts this year since we really want to start saving money! But he was so sweet and got me a beautiful burgundy pearl necklace and (on a more yummy note!) a book from Georgetown Cupcakes! He got more practical gifts from me.

When we did the family thing, Sean got his ice cream maker that he’s been wanting for forEVER. I’m glad he got it, now let’s see how many days a week we don’t have ice cream ; )

I got some baking stuff and more recipes! This time for the crock pot. I’m very excited. Though I’m grateful for it all, and I know Sean is too, I had a thought that I shared with my family.

Other than the immediate mom, dad, and brothers, it’s so hard to think of what to get everyone…I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels that way. So, next year we are going to maybe adopt a family in need or do something to help others. It’s a much better use of money in my opinion. We could really make someone else’s lives a little easier in a really difficult time. I’m so excited to do this and super proud of my family (many of which already adopt a family, or buy chickens for people in another part of the world that can’t afford them). We’ll still keep our other traditions, just not open presents after lunch. Though, I think the youngest may still get gifts since they are still in school. It should be great and really symbolizes what Christmas is about.


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