It’s A New Year

It’s 2012 and it’s hard to believe. I’m not really sure why. I mean, time comes and goes at the same speed all the time, but it seems like when you are trying to accomplish something  (but you’re not quite sure what) time flies by. In our case, we are trying to determine what the next step in life will be for us. We never planned on staying in Harrisonburg for this long, but we don’t know where else to go or what to do.

I want to be clear though, I enjoy the life I have made here. I love my job and it will bring new challenges for me and my coworkers while we get a new president. We are both happy to have the friends we’ve made here be awesome and fun to be around. It’s also really nice that my family is so close and we can make a day of a birthday or a holiday and be back in time for dinner. It’s not that we want to leave these things, it’s more about wanting to experience new things that challenge us. We want to find where we fit, where we feel like we belong, and where we want to settle down.

Of course we have some of your typical New Year’s goals. Eat healthier, spend less money, be more social. And we are serious about all these things. We will probably try to have people over more frequently, our biggest problem with that is seating. I have read Total Money Makeover and want to implement many of the principles the book has laid out, editing it to our needs. It would be amazing to have the car, and loans paid off is less time than expected!

Eating healthier is hard for me in particular. Sean will eat about anything, and he’s good at making healthy stuff (though we are both bad about craving unhealthy stuff, too), but I’m so picky. So we will try again to find yummy (veggie hidden) recipes for both of us! I think we both need to get out more, meaning outside! More walks downtown, more bike rides in the park, getting back into running when it’s warmer. Being outside makes me happy, but I HATE the cold, so it may wait a bit.

We aren’t really sure what 2012 will bring us, but we will keep our head up, keep our focus, work hard on being happy.

What are your resolutions? And do you know of tasty, picky-people recipes?

Also, sorry this is a late post, I had been sick for a while and just didn’t have it in me!


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