Last week a weekly menu plan was not posted and this is why…

We started juicing!! Watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a Joe Cross film and you will understand. I was first introduced to juicing by Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Diet. It was really random. I saw the book in the library where I worked and it caught my eye. So, I read it. It’s a great book and I highly encourage anyone to read it to understand more about our bodies and food. Simply put, juicing gets micronutrients to your body without anything else in the way. The thought is that it gives your body time and resources to focus on healing and fixing all the things we mess up within our bodies on a daily basis.

After reading Crazy Sexy Diet, I found a good juicer at Costco on clearance for about $50. It’s the Breville JE900. It works really well for us. There are two downsides in my opinion: it’s really loud! And you really need to clean the mesh part as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s a good machine and we would recommend it.

There are arguments between juicing and blending. It’s pretty simple for us. We have a juicer and do not have a blender. So, there you go.

I did a two day juice fast and Sean did four days. The hardest part is knowing you can’t have a burger or anything that you crave…and you will likely crave something!

In general, we are now trying to juice at least once a day, and some days, twice. Also, we plan on eating less meat and dairy. We’re taking in more whole grains and veggies, too. You only have one body, take care of it!

I’ll share a recipe I came up with and also give you a link if you are interested in trying to juice. I recommend doing it, if only every once in a while. Please leave a comment if you’ve tried it or have questions.

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Some favorites:
Apples-Cantaloupe-Honeydew-Kale-Swiss Chard
Blackberry Kiwi
Great Green Fruity Juice
Purple Punch
Mean Green Juice
Lemon Lime
Sunset Blend (I had it without the pepper)

Jessica’s recipe:

1/8 cup coconut juice

~2 cups red grapes

1 golden delicious apple

4-5 large strawberries

1 lime

5 mini carrots


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