The Dress

Many of you know that I will be working during  a black-tie event in April at The Homestead. While I am very excited and slightly nervous about this large event, I have been stressing over what to wear. I thought a dress I already have might work, but it was too formal and I needed help putting it on (they altered it a little too much!) I asked friends and was given many options and many offers. I have the best friends!! Thank you for all your help! BIG thanks to Dee who was willing to dig through all her dresses to find me one, she was determined. Love you!

I decided that I would take a look at Ross, because really, that’s where I dress shop. I found a dress in Winchester that I thought would work, but then checked Harrisonburg’s and found a better one that was similar but even more work friendly. So, here’s the one I will be wearing to my event…

Full dress shape

Full Dress


Dress Top

Dress Top


Dress Bottom

Dress Bottom


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