Celebrating Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

We went out to dinner on Saturday, March 17 for our anniversary evening (since we were busy the day of our anniversary). Of course, Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day so we were nervous that everywhere would be a little crazy. We had thought about heading down to Charlottesville for dinner since a bunch of friends recommended places and we found other places we liked too, but I was so tired from work that I didn’t really want to leave Harrisonburg.


After some discussion, we decided we would go to Kyoto (our go-to for many special events) for dinner for me and an appetizer for him (sushi), then the Capital Ale House afterward for him to get what he really wanted and I would have my favorite drink. Well, we got to Kyoto and noticed a party in front of us, turned out that we were seated with them. Since there are 8 seats at the hibachi grill, they try to fill it. What’s funny is that it was Sean’s (choir) freshman buddy’s fiancee’s bachelorette party! We knew two of the girls there but they all went to BC. How crazy!! Then, at the table next to us, one of my friend’s really good friend in college was celebrating getting engaged that day. So, we have a bunch of BC people, one celebrating an engagement, one about to get married, and us celebrating a wedding anniversary. We had a great time!

And to the Capital Ale House we went. Again, we weren’t sure what we were getting into since it’s a beer place on St. Patrick’s Day. We got to the door and there were bouncers. We asked what was going on, but it was just 21 and over (I guess to make it easier?). So, Sean put on Facebook that we there and for people to join us. Our friend from BC, Sara, decided to come hang out since we haven’t seen her in so long. That was awesome. But while we waited I saw JoJo from Q101 who I had met in July and randomly see him around. So, I chatted with him for a bit and found out he’s getting married this weekend!!

Capital Ale House

The fun does not stop there! We got our table and across from us was another friend from choir. On the other side of him was my former supervisor at JMU with a guy I work with rather frequently now. Then, my former supervisor from BC walked in. THEN another BC guy we knew saw us and stopped by to say hi! That’s just the sightings. Sara came and hung out with us, then our friends Josh and Jamie came in and sat and ate with us too. It was just too awesome to see so many past and current friends. Honestly, it was one of the best nights we’ve had in probably a year.

Thank you all for making that an amazing evening! We both miss hanging out with friends so much and wish we could do it more. And I think that we are going to try and make it a habit to see more of you!


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