Simple Days

Some of the simplest days are the most rewarding.  We took a day to just do whatever and relax.

We started the day with the Walk For Hope. That was a really cool event that brought all the area colleges together for one cause: depression and suicide awareness. Sean and I walked with Bridgewater College who lined up a half a block from our apartment. We saw a lot of faculty and staff we knew and were able to socialize a bit before walking, as a group, down to the Farmer’s Market area for the event. The speakers were great and had great messages. I really hope that people understand that it’s okay to seek help.

From Bridgewater College's Facebook Page

Ice Cream!

After that event we ended up in one of my favorite places (a park) and put out towels and just laid there sunning and reading. It was quiet, sunny, perfect weather. But most of all, it was relaxing.


After we just laid there reading a while, we decided that ice cream was in order. Lucky for us, there’s a yummy ice cream place in Bridgewater. So, we got our ice creams and headed to another park by the river to eat them. Just a perfect day. I just wish I had more of them!


Being that it was Stress Awareness Day yesterday I thought I would link you to some benefits of relaxing. I try to live my life in a way that I do not overload myself and I try to not take work home (unless I need to!). I enjoy the evenings I spend with my husband. I enjoy just hanging out on the couch or in a park. I like quiet and I like calm. I know I can do more, but I will take what I can get for now.

What do you do to relax?


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