The Homestead

Better late than never!

After being a part of the planning process since I started in my job at the end of September, I was finally able to see the finished product of the Art Auction! I went to The Homestead on Friday and left on Sunday.  But, I was working almost the entire time. Of course, as a planner, I had fears that I was forgetting something. Good news, I didn’t!

Theresa (my co-worker) did an amazing job with planning the entire event. It was nice to be able to sit at the dinner (incredibly yummy) and see people enjoying themselves. Everyone was dressed beautifully which was also fun to see. I enjoyed getting all fancied up too!

Everything went so well and I think we were all incredibly happy with the outcome.

The Homestead is a beautiful place in the middle of seemingly nowhere. It’s a beautiful drive down and the people are really nice. There were definitely more kids that I thought would be there and people did not dress prim and proper all the time. This summer they will be opening a cool little water park, mini golf course, and outdoor spa area.

The food was amazing at 1766 Grille but pricey. Definitely get the table-side caesar salad! It was so good and fun to watch. And the breakfast buffet is so yummy and fun to go to. Pancakes and omelets to order (even with chocolate chips!). There is french toast, homemade donuts, eggs, fresh fruit, fish, home fries, cereal, grits and so much more! Oh my. I wish I had that breakfast everyday.

I’m not used to being at a place like that, but my room was nice, food was good, service was nice, and it was a great experience. The event was great, my coworkers are awesome, and it was so lucky that I was able to go to The Homestead. If you have the means to enjoy this resort, please take the time to do so. I would make plans to go to the spa and any other activities you would enjoy. It has a lot to offer!


Photos are taken by me and show the Ballroom being set up and the beautiful flower arrangements that my boss had put together!

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