Administrative Assistant Certificate

Dr. Rose with Jessica for AACP

Jessica and Dr. Rose
Photo from JMU Photographer–Rights are JMU’s

On Thursday, May 24, I finally received my Administrative Assistant Certificate from JMU’s Training and Development! I have been working on this for years!

Just to give you an idea of what all goes into getting this certificate, here’s a breakdown:

7 finance workshops (online)
15 Information Technology workshops
17 Training and Development workshops

Total of 39 workshops!

The reason it took so long is that many of the Training and Development workshops are offered once a year. Some I had to miss due to schedule conflicts, and some happened during my two transitions. I am grateful that T&D worked with me this year and allowing me to do 1 workshop from a taped session, 1 T&D session as a one-on-one, and 1 IT session as a one-on-one, so that I would get to have the ceremony with Dr. Rose. This is his last year and I wanted him to give me my certificate since I work in his division.

If you work at JMU and would like more information on this program, click here. Most of these classes are really helpful! And others are a good excuse to learn more and meet people. I have made many friends from participating in this program.

Thank you to Theresa for coming for my ceremony while Ramona was out of town! And thank you to all my supervisors that were supportive and allowed me to take the time to complete all these workshops.


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