Route 11 Potato Chips and a Birthday Party

It was Friendly City Food Co-op‘s first birthday party on Saturday, June 9! I love that it was a birthday party and not an anniversary. So many put so much into getting the store open. I may not be as involved now, but when it was getting off the ground I was the one who got the press releases done and distributed. It was an amazing feeling to know that I was helping get the word out about this awesome place! I still love it! So many friendly faces work there and it’s always a pleasant place to go.

They had a bunch of vendors there to showcase what they currently sell at the market, but they also had Harrisonburg Northend Greenway there too (because many of us could benefit from it!), and Park View Federal Credit Union since they are a co-op too and have partnered with FCFC!

How does Route 11 Potato Chips come into this story? Well, they were there with their owner and we had spoken to her the last time they came down. We kept saying that we would go to the new factory…and we hadn’t! Sean asked if they were open that day and she said yes and they were making chips! The thing about Route 11 Potato Chips is that: #1-Have you tasted them? YUMMY  #2-They were a block down from where my dad worked in Middletown and I remember visiting them there  #3-It’s always cool to see how things are made, especially when you love them!

My memory of Route 11 Potato Chips: They had an open house-type deal going on and dad took me up there to see them make the chips. Some of the other firemen from the station came down too since there were samples : ). Sure enough, as with many times fun things are happening, the pager goes off and those guys went running down the block to suit up and go.  Luckily, my dad was out of the phase of running every call, and I got to keep him and hang out at Route 11.

Another memory: My uncle used to take me skiing at Bryce resort. Whenever we went inside to the cafe, I always had to have those chips!

So, we decided we would head up the road to see them in their new-to-me factory in Mount Jackson. They have SO much more room than they used to and they seem to be happy there. Definitely worth stopping by if you’re heading down 81. They have samples, you can buy bags, and they have cold drinks! You can stand and watch them make the same chips you are eating!

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