Mini-Vacation at the Inn at Kelly’s Ford

We needed a short getaway to relax and recharge. It’s been a crazy year and we aren’t able to take large vacations right now. But just getting away for a bit really helps. Sadly, Sean’s back at work today, I will go back tomorrow for a 1 day work week! I’m really not used to time off, so it took a bit to stop thinking about work. But now I am not thinking about it, and I have to go back! It’s okay though. I like what I do, and it’s all worth it.

The Inn at Kelly’s Ford was so nice! We took advantage of a LivingSocial deal and basically got a suite for two nights for the price of one plus $25 towards dinner.  These suites had a private entrance and awesome bathroom with two sinks, separate shower, separate toilet, and whirlpool tub. We also had a private deck with wonderful views and a little table to eat breakfast they’ll deliver to you at. The bed was comfy and the couch was nice to lounge on to watch TV. Since we don’t have cable, we watched a bit of TV 🙂

The food was good. But I’ve noticed that I don’t eat a lot when I’m on vacation, so I’m a bad judge of food. I just don’t have a taste for much of anything. I did scarf down the french toast though…so that means it’s extra good I guess? They have the Main Dining Room and the Pub. We ate outside at the Pub which was so nice! They have a little garden you can eat in and it was perfect. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this place. My only comment is that the “Beach” isn’t a beach…don’t get fooled into driving down there. We were perfectly happy at the pool.

The closest decent-sized town is Culpeper, and it has grown! Anything you need, you will find it. We ran to Martin’s for lunch meat, but there is Target and many restaurants too.

Great trip! Here are some pictures!

Equestrian Center-View from Private Balcony

Pool Area-View from Private Balcony


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